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Why serve your guests the old fashioned way when you can have one of our elegant beauties WOW them with their grace, charm and creativity? 

Choose from a range of options including;


  • Champagne Skirt

  • Strolling Tables

  • Giant Martini Glass

  • Champagne Stilt Walkers

  • Aerial Champagne Service

  • LED Serving Trays

Dressed to suit any theme, these stunning interactive installations are beautiful additions to any event and stylish way to keep the champagne flowing.

Some of these options can even be tailored to make your desserts stand out or have your canapés make a statement!

Get in touch today to feature one of our fabulously decadent serving options at your next event.

Smiling performer is wearing a rose gold sequin gown and elaborate headdress. She is standing inside a custom designed cage skirt which holds champagne glasses.
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