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The Dark Side of Undercutting: How it Undermines the Event Entertainment Industry

In the competitive landscape of the event entertainment industry, pricing can be a delicate balancing act. While it’s natural for performers and agencies to strive for competitive rates, deliberate undercutting – the practice of significantly lowering prices to undercut competitors – can have damaging consequences for both individual professionals and the industry as a whole. Let’s explore the insidious effects of undercutting and the importance of fair pricing practices in maintaining a thriving and sustainable event entertainment.

The Temptation of Undercutting

In a crowded marketplace, the temptation to undercut competitors on price can be strong. Whether motivated by a desire to win clients, secure bookings, or simply survive in a competitive environment, some performers and agencies resort to deliberately undercutting their competitors by offering rock-bottom prices. While this strategy may yield short-term gains, the long-term consequences can be severe and far-reaching.

The Damage Done

Undercutting undermines the value of professional services and devalues the expertise and talent of performers within the industry. By driving prices down to unsustainable levels, those who undercut create a race to the bottom that erodes profit margins, stifles innovation, and perpetuates a culture of exploitation. Moreover, undercutting can lead to a decline in quality as performers cut corners to compensate for low rates, ultimately compromising the overall guest experience and tarnishing the reputation of the industry.

Economic Implications

The economic implications of deliberate undercutting extend beyond individual performers to impact the entire ecosystem of the event entertainment industry. When performers are forced to accept lower rates to remain competitive, they struggle to cover their costs and earn a living wage, leading to financial instability and job insecurity. This, in turn, can deter talented individuals from pursuing careers in the industry, resulting in a loss of diversity, innovation, and creativity within the talent pool.

The Importance of Fair Pricing

Fair pricing is essential for maintaining a healthy and sustainable event entertainment industry. By setting prices that reflect the value of their services and the expertise of performers, professionals can ensure fair compensation for their labor and contribute to the long-term viability of the industry. Fair pricing practices not only support the livelihoods of performers but also foster a culture of respect, professionalism, and integrity within the industry.

Strategies for Combatting Undercutting

Combatting deliberate undercutting requires collective action and a commitment to fair pricing principles. Performers, agencies, and industry stakeholders can take the following steps to address undercutting and promote fair pricing practices:

1. Educate Clients: Educate clients about the value of professional entertainment services and the importance of fair compensation for performers.

2. Promote Transparency: Be transparent about pricing structures, costs, and value-added services to build trust and credibility with clients.

3. Collaborate with Peers: Collaborate with fellow performers and agencies to establish industry standards for fair pricing and combat undercutting collectively.

4. Focus on Value: Emphasize the unique value proposition of your services, highlighting the quality, professionalism, and expertise you bring to the table.

5. Advocate for Fair Compensation: Advocate for fair compensation within the industry by supporting initiatives that promote fair pricing practices and discourage undercutting.


Undercutting poses a significant threat to the event entertainment industry, undermining the value of professional services, eroding profit margins, and perpetuating a culture of exploitation. By prioritising fair pricing practices, performers, agencies, and industry stakeholders can uphold the integrity of the industry, support the livelihoods of professionals, and ensure the continued success and sustainability of event entertainment for years to come. Remember, fair pricing benefits everyone – performers, clients, and the industry as a whole – and it’s up to all of us to uphold these principles and protect the integrity of our profession.

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