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showgirl standing in bevel wearing a sequin bikini & large colourful feather headdress & backpack

Showgirl Workshops

Our signature Showgirl Workshops have been delighting both professional Showgirls and aspiring Showgirls alike for the past 8 years.

These days are a truly unique opportunity to fine tune your Showgirl style, gain knowledge from industry professionals and update your portfolio with professional images and footage.


Stay informed about our upcoming Showgirl Workshops on our Backstage Pass Instagram account @classact_backstagepass

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"I absolutely loved the workshop yesterday. I definitely learnt a lot from the both of you that I now can apply more to my dancing.

I really think that Class Act and what you guys are doing is going to create more of a scene around showgirls, hopefully making it more recognisable in Australia!!!" 

Lauren Schuster

"Just wanted to quickly write and say a huge thank you for putting on the showgirl workshop!  It was exactly the things I needed and got so much out of it! Thanks so much for being so kind, generous, understanding with my dancing ability and being so accommodating throughout the day!  I was definitely very nervous in the weeks leading up to it, but it was such a great experience and I am so glad I was brave and came.  I really hope I can attend any future workshops you hold and I will definitely recommend your workshops to any singers I teach looking to be dancers and venture into the showgirl style/career."

Lenna Moxey

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